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Environment + Sustainability  /  Data  Geospatial + GIS | Visualization | Analysis | Collection  /   Content Creation + Design | Mgmt.


PgCert Applied Digital Geography and GIS / Select Projects
Applications / Esri | Adobe Suite CC | Microsoft Office Suite

Company Contract Case Study / PDF
Map Algebra, Assignment

Urban Tree Planting Suitability

Isolated six neighborhood census tracts creating the study area within Toronto, ON, CAN to generate maps identifying areas suitable for tree planting based on several criteria.

Criteria: physical and legal restrictions of the area + analysis outputs provided from the digital elevation model.

Data Used:
Raster: Land Use (0.6m res), Digital Elevation Model (6.0m res)
Vector: Neighbourhoods, Water Linear Features, Water Area Features, Structure Area Features, Property Boundaries Linear Features

Re-projecting, Buffering vector data, Vector to raster conversions, Reclassification, Raster overlay, Surface analysis

Total Impedance + Least Cost Pathway / PDF
Map Algebra, Workshop

Raster Network Analysis

Combined Geobase digital elevation models (DEM) to generate impedance (cost/friction) values based on physical geographic criteria. The ‘least cost pathway’ was created from the impedance values. Workshop helps to outline a possible solution for road/infrastructure planning.

Physical geographic guidelines include: Path not to cross Wetlands, Path not to cross Lakes, Minimize path crossing (and running adjacent to) Rivers, Favour lower Slope, and Favour Bridges.

Re-projecting, Buffering vector data, Vector to raster conversions, Reclassification, Raster overlay, Surface analysis, Cost backlink raster, Cost path generation

Competitor Proximity / PDF
Business Decision, Assignment

Census Tract Buffer Area

Geocoded and mapped Toronto shopping centres larger than 600,000 sqft to define large competitor proximity to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre study location. The project was self guided. Geocoded into ArcGIS was a current data set containing details about each shopping centre’s general information. Buffers of 10km and 20km were made around Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s centroid to split census tracts below.

Re-projecting, Buffering vector data, Selection by overlay, Geocoding and vector creation

Consulting Case Study / PDF
Map Algebra, Assignment

Isolated Land Cover

Defined two study areas within Toronto, ON, CAN, converted the data sets provided from vector to a 2mx2m spatial resolution raster – then isolated regions to display raster composition of each section’s land cover composition.

Creation of shapefiles, Selection of records by attribute, Vector to raster conversion, Reclassification, Overlay using raster calculator

Lake Erie, Cu Contamination / PDF
Map Algebra, Workshop


Kriging interpolation model of Copper contamination sample points from Lake Erie’s lake-bed sediment. Copper TEL + PEL used to define contamination intervals. Vector files rasterized, overlaid onto Erie’s DEM for contours and bathymetry with Cu contamination. Exponential semi-variogram model for data distribution, over Spherical and Gaussian − most accurate interpolation (best error stats) of three. Data provided by instructor on contamination thresholds and original contamination data points. The interpolation results led to no values above 87.53µg/g. With PEL of 196.6µg/g, the model shows Cu contamination levels not exceeding a level where adverse effects are expected to occur frequently.

Kriging interpolation, Variogram model selection + comparison (based on error stats [mean, RMS, ASE, SRMSPE] for models [Gaussian, Spherical + Exponential]), Reclassification, Vector clip, 3D visualization in Esri ArcScene (DEM layer as custom surface, 3D Effects, fly-through video export)

Surface + Visibility Analysis / PDF
Map Algebra, Workshop

Digital Elevation Models

Combined Geobase digital elevation models (DEM) to use within the study locations surface and visibility analysis.

This included; slope, aspect, hillshading and viewshed generation. Specific to the resulting maps, each overlays specific raster surface analysis outputs to create aesthetically accurate maps based on terrain, along with observer positioning for viewshed context.

Mosaic to new raster, Reclassification, Raster overlay, Visibility analysis (viewshed), Raster surface analysis tools including: Slope [percent rise/degree] Aspect, HillShade, and Contour

Port Lands Program Watershed Planning  / PDF
Municipal Professional, Assignment

Municipal Business Case Report

Business case report to help implement a web GIS application for the Port Lands Flood Protection Program.



Data + Analytic Dashboard /
Technical Consultant

The Greater Goods  2019

Redesigned + restructured The Greater Good’s client databases. Created branded metric dashboards using Google Data Studio.

Web Design /
Technical Consultant

Physio IT  2019

Overhauled Physio IT’s WordPress, hosting and domain back-end for improved speeds, SEO, workflow, and security.

Branding for the website and WordPress dashboard reconfigured for a modern aesthetic and responsive design user interface for mobile devices.


Graphic Design /
Currently, Out of Business

DTB Inc.  2019

Created promotional discount material for a local event and redesigned web content for DTB’s e-commerce site.

Digital Content Mgmt. /

Aziz Designs  2018

Organized 30 years of product samples into uniquified photo database for company archive, website and social media channels.

Required reorganizing furniture photo database, compiling/removing duplicates, mass photo manipulation using Adobe Lightroom CC making colour corrections, resizing & orientation, image repair (ie. spot healing/cloning, noise reduction).

Made a File Naming Convention (FNC) for unique furniture classifications – appending metadata using Adobe Bridge CC to include applicable business information.

Finally, updated Squarespace Website, including: Images & Display of FNC, Website Copy, Typography & affiliated Sizing, Furniture Categories & Gallery Layout, Social Channel Landing Page Preview

Trade-Show Spokesperson /

Patty Johnson Design  2016 + 2017

Introduced and presented Patty Johnson’s design work to visitors within The Jacob K. Jarvits Convention Centre in New York City, NY, US and in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, ON, CA. I helped to facilitate connections with interested manufacturer representatives during each event.


Audio Engineer /

Concrete Vertigo Productions  2016

Theatre Performance | July-Aug
Mix & Mastered full soundtrack for a 2-hour-long theatre production at the Randolph Theatre. Collaborated with artists and songwriters for the sound design of the soundtrack and stage music.
When: Aug 18th – 27th, 2016
Where: Randolph Theatre, Toronto, ON, CA
Ruby Red Burlesque is a contemporized retelling of “The Wizard of Oz,” used to explore themes of self-love, and acceptance, while triumphing body diversity, ethnicity, and sex and gender.
Reviews: skynmagazine.com | mooneyontheatre.com

Pillowtalk Performance | May
Mix and mastered the songs performed.
When: May 21st, 2016
Where: Toronto Mod Club
FB Event Info

Data Entry /
Currently, Out of Business

VeBA Inc.  2016

Created contact database for marketing department – data from Canada411 contact information.


Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Field Work /

Nature Conservancy of Canada  2019

Minesing Wetlands Natural Area | Oct 2019

Travelling by canoes on the narrow and winding Mad River, we located loose logs, climbed into the river (wearing chest waders and life jackets), and secured the logs to the stream banks to create valuable aquatic habitat and prevent future jams.

We paddled approximately 4-6 km downstream to the worksite and 4-6 km upstream back to the launch location (8-12 km round trip).

Various /

Evergreen Toronto  2016 – 2019

Future Cities Summit | Nov 2019

Event support for their Toronto summit at the Evergreen Brickworks.

Uncover Your Creeks (multiple sessions) | Oct 2015

Citizen science program, taking place at 3 locations throughout the city; Evergreen Brickworks (Toronto), Fleetwood Park (Mississauga), and Dellwood Park (Mississauga).

Relocated native plant species, planted trees, and collected/tested stream water.

Various /

Design Exchange  2016 – 2019

RBC CA Emerging Designer Comp. Award Ceremony | July 2019
Event Registration & Attendant
DX Intersection: Forward x OVO | Nov 2018
DX x hithanksbye Studio, Toronto for Everyone Installation | Feb 2017
Installation Assistant
2nd Annual DX Design Auction | June 2016
Auction Floor Assistant


Various professional + personal projects, portfolios, and credits

Imdb | VFX Feature Film Credits

Linkedin | Social

Trend Hunter | Written Portfolio


Info about current Education, completed online/in-person Certifications + Software Proficiency.


Postgraduate Certification
Ryerson University

Applied Digital Geography + GIS  2018

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Ryerson University

Environment + Urban Sustainability  2016


Online Training
ArcGIS Pro 2.4 Essential Training  2020

Online Training
Learning QGIS  2019

Training @ Seneca College
Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES)
UN SDG’s, Advocacy + Implementation  2019

Online Training
WordPress Essential Training  2016
Open Water Diver  2014

Level 1 Ski Instruction  2009

Anton Schefter Vancouver Canada Marina Harbour Spring Black and White Anton Schefter Vancouver Canada Marina Harbour Spring Black and White
Anton Schefter Glitch Coral Colourful Pixelated Pixels Anton Schefter Glitch Coral Colourful Pixelated Pixels
Anton Schefter Lake Louise Alberta Winter Black and White Anton Schefter Lake Louise Alberta Winter Black and White
Bus Toronto Graffiti Tagged Colourful Blue Design Bus Toronto Graffiti Tagged Colourful Blue Design
Anton Schefter Headshot Portrait Black and White Anton Schefter Headshot Portrait Black and White
Toronto Distorted Wall Urban Graffiti Statue Toronto Distorted Wall Urban Graffiti Statue
Toronto Deisel Fence Pattern Black and White Toronto Deisel Fence Pattern Black and White


  • Adobe Creative Collection (CC)
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • InDesign
  • Bridge
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri)
  • ArcGIS 10.x
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Online
  • QGIS 3.x
  • Pitney Bowes | MapInfo
  • WordPress.org
  • SquareSpace
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Access


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